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15-Minute Workout: Pump Up Your Pecs

THE BEST WORKOUTS aren’t generally showy—a lot of basic schedules take care of business. We have one that shoots your pecs with overwhelming weight and hits the muscle strands from each vital point.


To keep the exercise to 15 minutes, you’ll have to surge your warm-up on the seat press a bit. Consistently work up in weight, resting just as long between warm-up sets as it takes to change the plates. This hustle implies you won’t be ideally arranged to lift your heaviest conceivable load for four to six reps—so you ought to accordingly utilize a marginally lighter weight—yet that is the tradeoff for completing the exercise rapidly. To limit the issue, rest two minutes after your last warm-up set before you go overwhelming.

1) Bench press

Sets : 1 Reps: 4– 6

2) Incline dumbbell press

Sets : 1 Reps: 8– 10

3) Parallel bar plunge

Sets : 1 Reps: 12– 15


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