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David Lim’s Kickass Body-sculpting ‘S.W.A.T.’ Workout Program

In the event that YOU HAVEN’T seen CBS’ most current high-octane wrongdoing appear, S.W.A.T., you’re passing up a great opportunity for a huge amount of heart-whipping, ass-kicking activity.

It’s pressing a serious cast, including previous Criminal Minds performing artist Shemar Moore as Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson who drives a unit of ultra-jacked officers. (Truly, these are a portion of the fittest folks on TV at this moment.)

Among those jacked folks—and ostensibly the most jacked—is David Lim. He’s a veteran of the government officer procedural: He made his raid into the TV wrongdoing battling world with a part in ABC’s spine chiller Quantico (inverse Priyanka Chopra).

In any case, despite the fact that he has the acting slashes down, regardless he needed to work his butt off to prep for this part as officer Victor Tan on S.W.A.T.

Lim’s lifting theory? Exchanging things up. His body-chiseling regimen is genuinely conventional (and strong), however he gets a kick out of the chance to include boxing, yoga, and ball when he’s not adhering to body part-particular schedules. Also, on the off chance that you couldn’t judge by his etched abs, his nourishment is dialed in; he stresses high measures of protein and solid fats.

Lim likes to prepare two body parts for each day. Beneath we’ve sketched out what a regular week looks like for the performing artist. Check whether you can keep up.


Increment weight and abatement reps by 2 after each set, and go no lower than 8 reps. For instance: On a 4-set exercise, do 14 reps in the principal set, at that point 12, at that point 10, at that point 8. Rest 1 minute between sets. Some extra directions:

Monday (chest and biceps): For pushups, go customary for the primary set, utilize a wide hold for the second, a nearby grasp for the third, at that point do an applaud pushup for the fourth.

Wednesday (shoulders and triceps): Superset the back delt flye with a front raise, and superset the rope pushdown with an overhead triceps augmentation. These activities are set apart with An and B in the activity records; rest simply after the second exercise in the superset.

Thursday (light back and biceps): For the hyperextensions, hold a 25-lb plate.

Friday (light abs and chest): Complete mountain climbers on a BOSU ball, and set the machine press to a slope.

Sat (cardio): Run stairs for 45 mins., climb 90 mins., or box for 60 mins.

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