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Take A Knee And Pray For Gains With The Tebow Curl

There’s a burning sensation on your futurewalk to the nearest cable stack, hook up a D-take care of, and take your lead from former NFL punter-grew to becomefitness celebrity Steve Weatherford.

What do Tim Tebow and Steve Weatherford have in commonplaceeach, of route, are former NFL players now chasing down exclusive profession paths: Tebow in baseball, and Weatherford in fitnesswhich include severaarticles, exercises, and the nine-Week proper Muscle trainer with

but the similarities don’t quit there. each men also are keen on “Tebowing”—aka taking a knee and striking a prayer pose, no matter what anybody around them is doing. Weatherford these days confirmed off the attention curl variant he calls “Tebow curls” on his fitnesscentered Instagram account Weatherfordfit.

Steve recommends supersetting these with a heavier biceps exercising—his move-to is heavy AF alternating dumbbell cheat curls—for 4 units of 10 gradualcontrolled reps.

“1 2nd squeeze on the top, and do not visit complete extension, stop 2 inches short of complete extension to maintain tension at the bicep and recruit the type 1 muscle fibers,” he writes.

Given how severe this former kicker has turn out to be approximately arm education given that his retirement, we suggest following his recommendation.

in case you want to give your whole top frame a Steve-style makeover, attempt his rapid hearth exercise—heck, you can even do Tebow curls inside the area of the concentration curls in that exercise. Or bounce into our immensely popular (and freeapplication genuine Muscle: 9 Weeks to Elite healthwherein Steve and topstrength instruct Nick Tumminello come up with the whole lot you need to add muscle and athleticism head to toe.

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